Who We Are

Perfectcarat Co., Ltd is located in Wuzhou China – the capital of synthetic gemstones.

After years of pioneering, innovation, develoment, we become a product development, production, customized, processing, sales of integrated manufacturers.

Our company in the production of synthetic gemstones includes cubic zirconia, synthetic ruby, lab created sapphire, synthetic spinel, nano gemstones and mix colored gems etc.

According to the market develoment,the quality grade have AAA and top AAAAA, classes. We enjoy good reputation from the customers of high quality, reasonable price, complete size and specifications , fashionable and diverse of style .

We also can produce as per your samples and designs.gemstones

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Our gemstones quality grade have AAA and top AAAAA, the majority of gemstones can through high-temperature,wax setting and plating, fully meet the mosaic jewelry industry needs.
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Cubic Zirconia Gemstone

Lab Created Saphhire Gemstone

Synthetic Ruby Gemstone

Synthetic Spinel Gemstone

Nano Gemstone

Multi-Color CZ Gemstone

PERFECT CARAT Gemstones Areas of application

Cubic Zirconia For Watch

Lab Created Saphhire For Bracelet

Synthetic Ruby For Necklace

Synthetic Spinel For Pendant

Nano Gemstone For Ring

Multi-Color CZ For Earrings

4 Reasons You Want to Choose Us

Different size different packaging,guarantee after arrival of the goods will not be damaged



Sifting 0.8mm-4mm gemstone quantity

Vacuum machine making vacuum package

Paste the gemstones tagged

Seal the carton box with the foams and sticky tape.


Sifting 4mm above gemstones quantity.

wrapped in soft paper, tie with rubber rings.

Put the packaged goods in the carton box with the foams.

Seal the carton box with sticky tape.

large quantity gemstone

stable quality gemstone

Our machines produce huge quantities of good quality cubic zirconia, synthetic ruby,lab created sapphire,synthetic spinel and nano gemstone in minimal time.

The mass production line assures both quality and quantity, and we provide the quickest delivery time in the industry to every corner in the world.

fast delivery

Being China-based, we are 40% cheaper than manufacturers in other countries. That means importers and distributors make more money by sourcing with us.

We provide the most competitive prices in the market to support our partners.

wuzhou gemstone